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Ask Me How I Really Feel

Posted in Reflection with tags , , on July 19, 2014 by timtrue

Gloucester Cathedral

So my bride of nearly twenty-one years is off on an adventure to England, singing with a choir for the next week in this cathedral (Gloucester).  She took this photo herself, in fact.  This morning.  In all, she will be away from me for ten days, the longest (I think) we’ve ever been apart since our wedding day.  Ask me, then, how I really feel about this.  Go ahead.

She’s singing with a choir with which I’ve sung too for the last year, hoping (against hope, it turns out) that I too would be journeying on this pilgrimage.

So ask me how I feel.

Long have I loved the medieval English cathedral–whether this one, in Gloucester; or Durham; or Oxford; or, well, it doesn’t really matter.  The flying buttresses, the stained glass, the vaulted ceilings commanding one’s attention upward, heavenward–one glimpses across the threshold of heaven when one enters these places of worship.

Go ahead, then, ask.

But singing and worshiping and glimpsing heaven is not the only thing these pilgrims will be doing.  There’s ample time in the schedule, oh yes, to visit some of the local eateries and breweries.  Cask ale, I’ve heard, is something like the taste of angels weeping on one’s tongue.  Oh well, guess I’ll have to keep imagining for now.

Meanwhile I will be doing what I love, and spending concentrated time with the people I love most in the world–bride excepted.  So there’s some consolation to be found in that.  But whatever!  Some people, too, find consolation in cheap American beer.  Or in warehouses for church buildings.  Or in happy-clappy mantras.

Okay, that was kind of mean, I admit.  But when’s it gonna be my turn already?

My daughter just got back from four months in Italy.  Now my wife is spending ten days in England.  Not her first time overseas either!

But I!  I’ve studied the Greeks and Romans until I’ve dreamed in Latin!  I’ve planned out a full semester-long European study tour, starting in Jerusalem and making my way, slowly enough to take it all in of course, to Scotland!  I’ve sampled every British beer I could get my hands on!  I even owned a Mini Cooper!  Oh, not to mention a 1970 Triumph TR6!  Yeah, right out of high school!  And–AND–I even genuinely like futbol!

And still–STILL!!–I’ve yet to go abroad.

So sad.

Pathetic really.

Like how I look when I try to line dance.

. . .