As an about page, this is supposed to be less timely and more timeless.  That said, I can still only say what I am now and what I have been.  For instance, I am now an Episcopal priest.  I haven’t always been though.  In fact, at the time of this writing, I became one rather recently.  Actually, as I write this, I am not even one yet, but will be in less than three weeks.  To be precise, Lord willing I will be ordained on July 7, 2013.

You see the problem?  Life is transitory.  I’m not sure I can write at all about what I am on a “more timeless” about page.  For what I am today may change tomorrow.  Nevertheless, I might as well say what and who I am today, June 19.  Change will come.  Perhaps I will update this page in the future, to keep anyone interested abreast of change in my life.  Still, today’s about gives a picture that I might like to keep on the wall for a while, framed for all to see.

So, I am a husband to a dear bride of nearly 20 years.  We were married on Sept. 11, but it was our anniversary first.

I am a dad of five incredible children.  Their age range spans fourteen years, meaning that when the youngest goes off to college at eighteen (God willing), my wife and I will have had children under our roof continuously for thirty-two years.  And surely by then we’ll have grandkids!

I am a curate at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in San Antonio, TX, striving to serve Christ better in all I do.  Particularly important to me is growth in my preaching, teaching, and writing.

I am an avid disc golfer, except for when it’s really muddy.  There are some good courses around San Antonio, I’m discovering.

I am a motorcycle enthusiast, the owner of a 2012 KTM 990 Adventure R.  I’ve taken the bike on one long-distance trip to date, something that is not very common for a dad and husband; but I have dreams of treks to Alaska, Mexico, and even Central and South America.  In the mean time, overnight trips to various parts of Texas on business are a very real possibility.

Other serious pursuits include music, Latin, and writing.  I play piano and sing, and in my occasional spare time I compose.  Perhaps I’ll see the St. Luke’s choir perform something of mine soon.

Latin began as an attempt to fill in a self-perceived gap in my own education and turned into a job: the supply for decent middle school and high school Latin teachers is far smaller than the demand.  In fact, St. Luke’s Episcopal School is looking for someone as I write.  I even taught a couple of semesters at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN, when I was a seminary student.  And the interest continues: I plan to audit a course on Roman fiction this fall at a local university.

As for my writing interests, well, that’s part of the reason for starting this blog.  But I also hope to publish engaging fiction that will make enough money to pay off all my debts, establish something of an estate for my kids, and open up a custom motorcycle garage somewhere not too far away.  And here I mean scramblers and café racers, not choppers and bobbers.

As for what makes me tick: ideas.  I’d much rather sit around with a friend and create, develop, and discuss a good idea, its origins, trajectories, and so on, than gossip about people, places, or events.  A good idea appropriately fleshed out can change the world.

Otherwise I’m something of a foodie.  I love to cook and eat excellent food, and sample and savor beers and wines.


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