Language by Baptism: Parte Uno

Entonces! A few photos to get us going:


#1: Christiana standing in AHA!’s courtyard. This is our school for the next four weeks. The door behind and to her right belongs to a classroom. (By the way, notice how tired she looks.)


#2: looking across the courtyard at AHA!’s entrance.


And #3: outside a second-floor classroom, taking in SMA’s skyline. (Looking tired here too!)

I don’t recommend traveling as we did, with a takeoff time of 1:52am, a landing time of 6:55am, and a shuttle ride directly to our residence followed immediately by orientation at AHA!, the language school.

We thought we could sleep on the plane–which we did–un poquito. I also thought we were dealing with only a one-hour time difference, not two, meaning I thought we had a four-hour flight, not a three. Another also: I assumed legroom on Volaris would be the same as on Southwest. But it wasn’t. Thus (entonces), we slept maybe two hours. Uncomfortably!

Not a good way to start off.

For all that, I think I learned more in my first few hours at AHA! than in a whole semester of high school Spanish. Maybe a whole semester of seminary too.

Jessika taught us how to carry on a bona fide conversation; Jorge led us through diction and pronunciation in a class akin to choir warmups.

And as for our main meal today–well, it just so happens that our host family also owns a restaurant in downtown SMA, just down the street from the school. I’ll likely join the fad and post some fabulous food fotos soon. For the food was fabuloso.

We opted to head home and catch up on some much needed sleep rather than return late this afternoon for folk singing and folk dancing.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a great experience. Muy bien!


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