Funny thing about being a priest, I find that I have less opportunity to recharge spiritually now than before I was ordained.

I don’t know, maybe it’s something to do with the work environment.  Before I was a priest, I used to walk into a worship space and fairly easily lose some sense of space and time, fairly easily enter into some sense of divine presence.  Now, as a priest, I’m so focused on producing a worshipful space for others that I myself have difficulty finding it.

Anyway, today I simply want to give one answer (there are others) to the question, What do I do to recharge spiritually?


These photos are from some hikes I’ve taken recently.  Arizona has some awesome wilderness.  And the wilderness, well, you know, there’s a precedent from people like Moses, John the Baptist, the desert fathers, even Jesus himself.

Not ready to fast forty days yet though.

Not really wanting to meet Satan out here either.


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