Chillin’ in Yuma

Not a title anyone would typically slap on Yuma, Arizona in May.  But it really has been unseasonably cool.  Last week, Friday only got to 76 degrees; and this Friday is forecasted for 79.  Typical this time of year?  96.

So, having come to Yuma ahead of my family, with cool temps and no family (whom I miss terribly), I’ve been hiking.  A lot.

Awesome desert around here.  Awesome arid mountains!  So when I find a few free hours and the thermometer is below 90 (or even 95 when the sun is low), it’s off to explore some canyon or climb some peak.

I’ve enrolled in a new gym, by the way.  It’s got its share of negatives, sure: there’s no air conditioning, for starters; and on any given day you might run into a rattlesnake or a scorpion.  But it’s free!  For me, it’s a fairly consistent 2 hours and 15 minutes of a workout; climbing 200 feet in elevation over the first mile; 1200 feet over the second.  Coming down’s a knee-burner too.  But the view at the top’s to die for.  I call it Club Telegraph Peak.  It’s training, by the way, for a backpacking trip with three of the kids near the end of June.

Anyway, 6 hikes over the last 11 days.  Looking forward to more, while this mild weather lasts.

Too bad I forgot a camera though.  Pics will just have to come with future posts.

Hey, maybe a pilfered one or two (or five, turns out) from some kind of photo share?  (The final one is Club Telegraph Peak.)

McDowell Mountains at Sunset

McDowell Mountains at Sunset




Telegraph Peak

I love being back in the west.


2 Responses to “Chillin’ in Yuma”

  1. Nice. How soon until the fam shows up?

    • Heading back next week to be there for the end of school year. Then we’ll all move west together. Btw, got another bike, a Moto Guzzi v7 Special. Still wanting to go for the Iron Butt?

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