2015 Lent 14


Jeremiah 4:9-10, 19-28

Here Jeremiah argues with God.

We’ve seen this theme in the Old Testament before.  Moses argues with God many times, more than once interceding on behalf of the stiff-necked and hard-hearted people he’d been called to lead.

I’ve stated elsewhere (to the chagrin of some of my friends) that even the apostle Paul argued with God.  He prayed three times, for example, that God would take away the thorn in his flesh before finally yielding.

I’ve explained that it is okay for us to argue with God too.  Protesting God’s will through emotion is not the same thing as renouncing our faith (though some of my friends, those ones I’ve chagrined, seem to think so).

And so here, today, Jeremiah argues with God, going so far even as to accuse God of deception!

“I said, ‘Ah, Lord God, how utterly you have deceived this people and Jerusalem, saying, “It shall be well with you,” even while the sword is at the throat!'” (v. 10).

But what else can he do?  War is come upon Israel, this nation that he loves deeply; and he’s powerless to stop it.  Unless he can persuade God to relent:

“My anguish, my anguish!  I writhe in pain!  Oh, the walls of my heart!  My heart is beating wildly; I cannot keep silent; for I hear the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war” (v. 19).

If God is indeed sovereign over all, surely Jeremiah is thinking, why doesn’t God stem this tide?

Does Jeremiah have any other reasonable recourse?

Point is, it’s okay for us–for you–to be emotional with God.  Arguing, crying out, even casting blame and accusing God–doing these things does not mean you’ve lost your faith.  God can handle it.  And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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  1. Ohh, you’re gonna catch it on this one! But I like it. Love,

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