Vacationing, Part 1: Taking in the Tides

In the spirit of this blog being a sort of web journal, for posterity if you will, I offer a vacation photo update.

We left San Antonio on a Friday afternoon, after Holly and I each put in half a day at work.  We packed the kids and our bags in the car and we drove.  And we drove.  And we drove some more.  600 miles in fact, all the way to Las Cruces, New Mexico.  And we checked into a hotel by 10pm.

The thing about west Texas is that for nearly a 500-mile stretch the speed limit is 80mph.  That means I can set the cruise control at about 85 and travel relatively stress-free and cross half the state in short order.

And my father in-law wondered if the van could handle it.

But this is a 2010 Volkswagen Routan!

We saw a picturesque sunset, behind a mountain range in Mexico.  But I was driving.  Fast.  And far.  So I took no pictures.

The first picture came the next day, as we drove along Route 188 in 103-degree Arizona.


See that Saguaro cactus?  We simply had to stop.  The boy, by the way, was just told (not by me either) that there might be snakes on the ground.

We made it to Prescott by 5pm, in time for a swim in the hotel pool and a tasty non-Tex-Mex-but-Mexican-nonetheless dinner.

From there we drove to my dad’s in southern California.

Then it was on to Davis the next day for a visit with some old friends and a meeting with some new,

and, yes, on to Bandon, Oregon.


Here is the A-frame we’re calling home for a week; we arrived just before 2am and more than 800 miles on the day.  The kids were troopers.  Not state troopers either, otherwise I’d have gotten a speeding ticket or two.

Now here we chill–literally, by the way: it’s 55 degrees and a stiff wind’s blowing–for a few days before we return to southern California and back home to Texas.

So what are we doing in Bandon?


Eating meals together,


playing in tide pools,


playing bridge (my partner and I killed it tonight),


getting close to harbor seals (look for several on the rocks in the background),


and enjoying sunsets.

Of course, we’re doing more too–but not too much more.  It’s a relaxing vacation, just the sort of thing needed at the end of my first year of being a priest.

More soon.


One Response to “Vacationing, Part 1: Taking in the Tides”

  1. Sounds wonderful and relaxing. You deserve it. See you next week. XXOOXX

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