From the Frame Up, Part 2

The slow work of dismantling and cleaning parts has begun.


This photo is sort of sideways, but you get the idea.  The front wheel has been removed from the forks along with the disc and the caliper (i. e., the brake).


Here I am beginning to polish the disc.  It’s long and arduous work, hence the relaxing agent in the background, a. k. a. Belgian pilsner.  My initial thinking was to dismantle the wheel assembly completely and essentially rebuild it with new stainless steel spokes and nipples and a new aluminum rim, sandblasting the hub and powder coating (a type of electromagnetic paint job) it matte British racing green.  This would be matched on the back hub and drive mechanism and gas tank.  The frame, fork sliders, swingarm, and subframe I’d then powder coat matte black.  Cool idea.  But as I’ve been cleaning the disc and fork sliders, I’ve realized that the aluminum will polish up nicely on its own, so no need for powder coating the hubs and sliders.  The rims and spokes are too tweaked to salvage though, I’ve concluded.  so I’ll continue with my idea to rebuild the wheels with new stainless steel spokes and nipples and aluminum rims.  Maybe I’ll do something color-wise to the rims when I get there–to match the tank.  Anyway, it’s a casual work in progress.  I’m in no hurry.


Here are the forks, still intact but about to be dismantled.  The oil pan is to catch the fluids.


Now I’m in mid-dismantle.  Notice my son’s bike; he wants in on the action.  Who’s to argue?


Fully dismantled now . . .


. . . and cleaned.  Notice the sliders (short pieces on the outside, standing vertically).  They’re cleaned of gunk inside and out but haven’t yet been polished.  Won’t they look nice when reassembled?

So now the question is, why did I disassemble the forks at all if all I’m gonna do is polish the sliders?  Well, that’s not all.  The forks will be overhauled (cleaned out on the inside, seals and oil replaced).  And I’m also considering an upgrade to progressive springs, a non-negotiable (my friends tell me) if I plan to upgrade the rear suspension.  Which I do.  Stay tuned.

Next step, rear end.  Got to get that swing arm ready for powder coating.


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